I cannot thank you enough for helping me see freedom

I come to you with extreme gratitude and grace for what you have awoken within me. As you know, your reading was not my first. However, yours was the most substantial. Not only were you able to settle my soul due to the recent passing I experienced, but you also made me realize that hiding who you truly are, who you are destined to be, does not serve you soulfully.

Since the morning after our conversation, I’ve found myself in quiet meditation each morning. As I do so, I’ve noticed the information, as you said it would, coming through for me. I have a journal before me and write down each vision, thought, and the moment that finds its way into that sacred space and date it. I’ve learned to focus on my desires, my positive thoughts, and patterns. I’m careful of my intentions and only draw near what is worthy of growth. 

This practice has shifted my thought pattern—releasing my mountain of what-ifs and moving my mind, body, and spirit into the realm of YES! More so, I’ve already seen what I’m focusing on appearing in my path. It’s truly beautiful, freeing, and amazing. A soul benefits from such a release and internally builds confidence that was once wavering.

When speaking about the developing shifts in my career, you mentioned that you did see me winning and attending an overseas book festival. You words as you laughed, “Do you wipe down the seat and the tray when you get on the plane?” “Yes,” I answered laughing back. You did assure me that I would be going and that I would be doing so sans my three children. I am thrilled to tell you that my book did, in fact, win the festival for the Young Adult category and my husband and I take off for the festival soon. Wipes in hand, of course.

 I cannot thank you enough for helping me see freedom—to see the vision—to jump aboard a train that had already left the station with me still halfway standing on the platform and halfway on the train. I look forward to a spiritual journey together.

All my best,

Author Danielle A. Vann from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 2017

Truly connected

I have been seeking Cortney's insights on a regular basis for almost 2 years now.  She is the Truth.  The messages she conveys are clear and straightforward and get right to the heart of any matter.  Her kind and warm demeanor even make hearing the not so nice news, not so bad after all.  The guidance she conveys has really helped me to navigate the ups and downs, highs and lows in my life.  Her gift is a blessing to us all! #cortneyisthetruth

whitney from West bloomfield township, mi

December 2016

not only validating but insightful

Simply stated, Cortney Kane is AMAZING! This was my second session with her and her accuracy is not only validating but insightful. The very detailed information she provided me with helped clarify many things and provided the certainty that I desired. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to connect with a departed loved one and anyone seeking clarity and direction in their lives. Thanks Cortney! 

rose from atlanta, ga

April 2015

Wow… talk about a family reunion

When I first spoke with Cortney I explained that I was wheelchair confined as we tried to figure out a place and time for her to do a private reading for me.  She was so sweet and understanding that she drove to my home to accommodate my needs.  After taking several days to absorb what came through in our session I can honestly say that she is a vessel and a true gift from God.  Now that I know her and trust in her abilities I feel safe in knowing I can go to her and get the help and guidance I need.  Thank you, Cortney for the session!  It has really made a difference.

DeAnna W. from Oklahoma City, OK

October 2014

Love Leads Us to Light

Thank you!!  You were the mirror I need to move forward.  As we talk about "Truth", the cardinal truth is there is only Love or Fear.  We function from one of these places to deliver us to many others.  Love leads us to Light, Consciousness, Selflessness, etc.  Fear moves us into darkness, selfishness.  What is often called Sin.  You helped me see past fear today and feel Love.  You helped me hear my voice and calling again. We will speak again.

With Love and Light,

Horace U. from Costa Rica

August 2014

Psychic Classes...AMAZING

I have attended the "Beginner" class and now part of the "Advanced" class.  All I can say is "Thank You"!!!  Cortney saw my gifts and that I had shut them down for the wrong reasons.  But, with her help and the class members, I really feel connected, and am growing, learning, and loving, everything that Cortney teaches.  She is so great!  I can't thank her enough for everything.  Thank the good lord for Cortney and the class!!!

Dee P, Paranormal Investigator

February, 2014

Truly Gifted

Cortney is a truly gifted intuitive, extremely talented Aura Artist, incredible mom and dear friend. While I am blessed to know Cortney as a friend, we had lost touch for several years and had not spoken. At times when I find my head & heart in great turmoil, she has been able to shed light on the situation. I recently experienced a series of great personal and professional loss. She had no way of knowing any of the recent events that had taken place in my life. I reached out to Cortney and without asking questions, or having any previous knowledge of what I was going through, she was able to assess and validate all that I was experiencing mentally and emotionally. Cortney’s Readings are exceptionally and astonishingly accurate! The insight and advice she provides is invaluable. Compassionate and truthful, she’s able to provide direction and clarity on tough issues. Stuck? Cortney presents your choices in a clear manner so you can make the best decision. She also reminds us that we all have the gift of intuition. The answers we seek are already inside of us. When we meditate, become still, listen to our hearts and trust ourselves, we too can tap into our higher-self. I always feel as though a weight has been lifted after talking with her. Whenever I need genuine guidance, in person or over the phone, I call Cortney! 

Michelle Corr, Host, Michelle Corr 6˚

August, 2013

So Impressed

Just talked to my mom and she was so impressed by how amazing her session was. She said it was the best gift I could have ever given her. Thank you so much! We will definitely have to do this again.

Kacey H. from Oklahoma City, OK 

August, 2013

Amazing Validation

I received a phone reading today from Cortney and I am amazed at the items she was able to focus and validate on.  Our session touched on so many topics that I have been dealing with that no one would have known.  She is gifted with a beautiful gift and I look forward to future readings very soon.  It is like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Melissa A. from Edinburg, TX

June, 2013

So Profound and Completely Accurate

I contacted Cortney this spring after the devastating loss of my dog.  Not only was I grieving, but my dog was showing me signs that she was still with me.  I called Cortney because I had no immediate plans to go to Oklahoma, nor did she have any plans to come to Phoenix, so we did the reading over the phone.  The things she told me were so profound and completely accurate!  She told me what to watch for and helped me to be more "AWARE" of the things going on in my world.  This has brought me so much happiness and I feel so much more at peace.  Thank you, Cortney for sharing your amazing gift!

Joy R. from Phoenix, AZ

June, 2013

Like You Had a Book To My Life

Cortney I can never thank you enough for the peace that I didn't know I needed. When I came to see you for entertainment purposes, (because everyone knows this can't be real) I was over come by so many emotions, disbelief was one.  It was like you had a book to my life, and were reading the pages to me.  I wanted to fall out of the chair!  Another emotion I still do not have words for.  It was like I was lost and didn't know it.  When I left my session, life was clear, my mind was clear, and I really physically felt lighter.  I came for entertainment, just to come to see what you might have to say, and it changed me.  I can’t say thank you enough, and look forward to many more sessions lol ;)

Tracy M. from Edmond, OK

April, 2013

Mind Blowing

Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It's hard finding words to describe our session experiences but "mind blowing" seems the most fitting. It amazes me the things that "validate" to me, for lack of a better word, the sort of in depth knowledge you have. At our first meeting I asked you who my guides were and you said Ganesh. You had never seen my space, but I have Ganesh statuary all over my studio and have always been drawn to Ganesh. Just one example of many great experiences we've had. I value the guidance you've given me on my own path and that you continue to be there for me. I'm looking forward to many many more great experiences. Thank you so very much.

Jim M. from Oklahoma City, OK

April, 2013

My Awareness is Heightened

Jeff LOVED his session with you this week. I think we both now have a more positive outlook and internal perspective because of you. It is such a blessing to become aware of those watching over us.

Mary Jane B. 

March, 2013


As I was feeling a bit 'stuck,' I scheduled a session with Cortney for some spiritual guidance.  After she channeled her guides, we spoke about ways that I could move forward with my plans to start a new business. I immediately began following her advice, which came through her via MY OWN guides, and instantly I was more productive...and joyful, confident, and optimistic! I look forward to my bi-weekly chats with Cortney; after we talk for an hour, I feel empowered to get more done in a day than I had in the week prior. I highly recommend working with Cortney!

Suzanne R. from Los Angeles, CA

February, 2013

So much powerful emotion

Thank you for the reading today! I apologize for all the emotions, I was just beside myself at some of the things you touched on. I know I will be ready for another reading soon! ;-)

Nicole B. 

February, 2013

Completely Validated!

During a reading with Courtney today, she asked me about any connections to birds, specifically cardinals. It was pretty amazing, as my late fiancé had given me several little cardinal statues, and my late parents loved cardinals. The cardinals would often perch at the kitchen window of the home where I grew up. I'm off sick from work and am laying around in a silly nightgown, which happens to be covered with cardinals!   

What a validation! 

Cortney's mention of the birds certainly made me think very carefully about the content of the entire reading, and it gave me the consolation of knowing that Jim and my parents must be watching over me. I felt the advice she gave me was sound.

April S. from Phoenix, AZ

January, 2013

You Gave Me Hope

Three years ago I was told that I couldn't conceive another child. Then, Cortney did a reading for me about a year ago and did an energy painting that depicted a little girl. She said that I WOULD get pregnant again, and the baby would be a girl. Well, I'm excited to say that I'm now 7 weeks pregnant! While I'm not sure of the gender yet, I can only hope for a girl - I can't wait to find out! You gave me hope, so thank you.

Lakisha L. 

January, 2013

Exceeded My Expectations

I was at Cortney's event last night and was fortunate enough to get a reading. I really enjoyed my session and got so much out of the information that came through for both myself and everyone else. I have to say that I made a last minute decision to go, having no expectations of what would happen. In the end, the experience exceeded anything I could have imagined - THANK YOU!! Many blessings to you!


August, 2012

Thank you very much

Thank you for channeling and sharing your gift with me. I am still melting the words of wisdom into my heart and soul. I am truly blessed because you have crossed my life's path. Thank you!

Veronica S.

January, 2011

Love and Light to you

Thank you so very much for your insight today! Cortney, you are a very enlightened person with a very awesome gift. I hope to have the privilege of working with you more in the future.

Eric Y. from Mesa, AZ

September, 2009