What are you putting out there?

What are you putting out there?

Where are you spending your days and I don't mean are you at the coffee shop, working, or raising babies. I mean where do you find yourself drifting in your head. Are you finding yourself spinning on life’s stressors? Relationships that just aren't working out? Are you focusing on those things so that you don’t have to focus on you? What if I told you that it all absolutely and 100% goes back to you and the energy that you are putting out there?

That space you “go”, is what you are attracting to this life of yours. The top three things that have helped me shift my energy through the years and keep me held responsible for the energy I bring is first and foremost meditation and prayer which helped and still helps me connect to Source/Spirit in a deeper way. Second is surrounding myself with people who are authentic, willing, and able to look at their lives and the patterns around them, with the willingness to grow. This of course always allowing me to do the same. Last but not least and number 3, is Self Care! That self care for me is sometimes simply making sure I drink enough water throughout my day and schedule a lunch for myself, sounds like such basic needs but is something I don't always do for myself.  

When I take good care of myself, the thoughts that I think, the energy I put out, and all else in my life goes in the way I'd like it to go, UP! Making life more calm, loving, and enjoyable!  

I would love to hear what helps you feel more positive, productive, and encouraged in your life.