Group Galleries and Intertwined Messages

We had such a wonderful time last night at a group gallery at 3rd Street Yoga in Edmond and thank you to everyone who came out.  In these group galleries everyone is given a ticket when they come in and I randomly draw their numbers from a bowl.  While I was relaying a message to a client that had been chosen, I in mid sentence, stopped and redirected the message to everyone asking if someone one was from Piedmont.  Now, this is something that I don’t ordinarily do, however I felt this huge draw to ask everyone present.  I knew this part of the information was not for this particular client.  Now, the skeptic in me likes to draw the numbers and go from there rather than randomly give the information and then try to place it.  A couple held up their hands, said yes, he had lived and even worked for the City of Piedmont.  This, I thought is where it ended, and I went right back to the original client who had been drawn.  Upon relaying the drawn clients messages it was a bit of a tug of war with the information, but we proceeded.  Steel Magnolias, a hair salon, the name Truvie, a hen house, and two woman chatting away on the other side immediately came through.  But the client was not connecting with the information.  We moved on and did in fact deliver more on point information for this client and went on our merry way.  At the end of the gallery, as everyone was chatting and making their way to the door the couple who had held up their hand saying that yes they were from Piedmont, wanted to validate some information for me.  His mother had passed and did own a salon, his wives favorite movie was Steel Magnolias, they did in fact have a hen house, and get this, with a chicken named Truvie!  How hilarious is that!  If only they had spoken up!  Many times in a group setting even attending you will receive messages, you will feel as though the information is for you, and I do encourage you, when it is as on point as this, yes, please speak up!  Again, what a beautiful and fun evening of messages it was!