Manifesting Patience for ourselves and others

Patience is our intention for the week and this morning before my sessions I am sitting down meditating with my candle and the image of our painting from last night.  When I think of Patience I actually start to think of the things that I struggle having patience with, for me this is the slow driver in front of me, the way my precious toddler fights me to put her clothes on every morning, and even the patience with myself to be able to breathe through my allergies while doing a Facebook live, lol!  Of course the image in the painting that came through was the number one, this telling us to take a moment and put ourselves first.  Rest, breathe, gather yourself together and then give to others.  If our well is empty there is nothing left to give.  The base color in the painting is the color pink reminding us to show love for ourselves and the gold number one is telling us that this is of our highest good.  Lets work on this and share with each other our journey this week and the weeks to come.  Remember to journal anything that pops up this week that tested your patience or that you found you had more patience with.  Again taking 5 minutes or even 60 minutes to sit pray, meditate and be, will help you manifest that patience in your life and add more positive energy to your day.  Please feel free to comment how you are doing and I can't wait to connect with you all next Sunday!  Love you guys!