Meditation, Mala Beads and Mantras


Lit a candle and cleansed my space before my meditation today and started to think about my special mala beads I use daily.  In my meditation I always have my beautiful Manaleja Designs Mala Beads by my side.  This particular design is called the Divine Light and is absolutley beautiful.

Mala beads can be used to help manifest and bring positive energy into your life by helping you focus on what your intention or mantra is.  When our minds drift from one thing to another it is helpful to repeat an intention, prayer or mantra over and over which is why I find the mantra a must in my meditation.  Many wear their mala beads on a daily basis to remind them to stay centered and on track.  When I use them in mediation I simply hold them in my hand and count each bead as I am setting my intention for my day.  Some will place them in their prayer or meditation space as a focal point that helps them stay centered.  

What is really cool about the Manalja beads is that she will hand select the healing stones and crystals that will help align and tune in with your true energy, making a one of a kind piece just for you.  Keep tuning into yourself and keep doing the work!