Cut Those Cords


We all have crummy days, don't we?  No matter how much work we do to separate from the negative energy it still seeps in.  The key is recognizing the signs and moving through it.  You hear me talk about the bubble, cutting cords, and so on and listen here, all of those techniques work!  However when we are feeling low we must move, we must take action.

I allow myself a day to process those feelings and to witness them within myself, to see what I need to do to take action and change it.  Get up and do the things in the moment that need to get done.  Put on that uplifting music.  Pray or meditate with the focal point being gratefulness.  Cut those cords and remember to establish that beautiful protective bubble around you.  Sage your self, your home or office.  You will find that this will lift your spirit and the many moments within your day.  This will allow you to be in the higher energy of creation which is where love exists.  Let's be in the energy of love.