What a Beautiful Gift

Had a session with a client last week who wanted to validate a few bits of information from his very first session.  His wife who had passed came through speaking about some stones / rocks that she had collected through the years and she wanted him to have one, but one in particular.  She went on to explain what this stone looked like and the shape of the stone, which I jotted down on the notes for him to take home.  He verified that she did in fact collect stones and that her sister had the stones.  On his second appointment we discussed new and old information that came through and he pulled this beautiful stone out of his pocket and reminded me about his first session.  He also said that on the paper I sent him home with was the shape of the stone and that he and his sister in law were in shock with how accurate the shape and size were.  They knew that this was the stone.  He now uses this stone as a reminder that she is with him but also as a “rubbing stone”, a stone that calms him throughout the day.  Once he got home from our session he sent me this picture of the stone along with the notes from the session.  What a beautiful gift from his loving wife.  xoxo