Ackowledge Your Inner Authority and Divinity

When we own our power, when we validate our inner authority and truly accept our nature, we acknowledge our divinity.

We, through acknowledging our divinity, can claim our power to trust in life force, to trust in the divine act of creation.

Internal energy mirrors external energy.  Synchronicity is a moment by moment creation of internal energy.

Through the external mirrors life presents of our internal energy, we get to see clearly the reality of the energy inside of us.

When we make choices that help us grow, we not only help ourselves, we help those around us.


I acknowledge my inner authority and my divinity to help myself and others grow.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes, continue to breath and relax.  Now, go about your day as though you are in a meditative state.  Observe what you are thinking and experiencing. Is there a connection between your inner world and what you are witnessing outside of yourself?  What mirrors are you seeing?