Witness of an Awesome Power Exchange

Owning Our Abilities

When we own our abilities we mirror that ownership for our closest friends.  Last night I had the amazing oppourtunity to witness and help hold the 'energetic' space for two of my dear friends.  

One of my best friends and old business partners, Rochelle Sparrow, was visting me  from Canada.  We have been able to work through thick and thin and remain close like sisters.  We have come through divorces, deaths and business separations among other heart rendering issues.  Many partnerships would have crumbled against all of life's obstacles.  Because she and I chose our honest power, we were, and are able to be completely honest with each other.  We each see our strength and help the other own the strength within us.  

We met up with my good friends last night to discuss all things spiritual.  Rochelle and myself watched my friends connect in a way that allowed for appreciation of each other's abilities, validating their own abilities and owning their power.  It made me appreciate the people who have come into my life, like Rochelle, who have done the same for me.  Just fitting that she was also in town to witness this.  

Amazing Power Exchange