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I'm SO excited to share with you that has gotten a makeover! I hope you love it as much as I do. My friend and web designer, Suzanne, designed a beautiful site for me! As you can tell, she is an artist! Also, stay tuned for more info about Suzanne and the amazing work that she does. This site was constructed through a business called, and what awesome, modern templates they have to work with. I am truly impressed with what they offer! So, thanks again Suzanne and Square Space for the face lift!

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Clients and Sessions at Forgue Design

Client Paintings by Psychic Cortney Kane

Client Paintings by Psychic Cortney Kane

This weekend was another amazing weekend filled with clients and sessions at Forgue Design Group in Oklahoma City. The overall message from the sessions was to stay grounded in your own space. When we own and work through our energy, there is really no need to worry about where anyone else’s energy lies. Self care helps us stay grounded in our own feelings and our own process. When we focus on self care, we tend to see everything around us in a more balanced state. Self care might mean to you exercising, meditating, dancing, singing, or even painting. I, too, have to remind myself of this and find that, through my clients' sessions, I also need to hear the messages coming through.  

Many beautiful paintings and sessions were had this weekend, and I want to thank the clients and team at Forge Design Group for having me!  


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