What are you putting out there?

What are you putting out there?

Where are you spending your days and I don't mean are you at the coffee shop, working, or raising babies. I mean where do you find yourself drifting in your head. Are you finding yourself spinning on life’s stressors? Relationships that just aren't working out? Are you focusing on those things so that you don’t have to focus on you? What if I told you that it all absolutely and 100% goes back to you and the energy that you are putting out there?

That space you “go”, is what you are attracting to this life of yours. The top three things that have helped me shift my energy through the years and keep me held responsible for the energy I bring is first and foremost meditation and prayer which helped and still helps me connect to Source/Spirit in a deeper way. Second is surrounding myself with people who are authentic, willing, and able to look at their lives and the patterns around them, with the willingness to grow. This of course always allowing me to do the same. Last but not least and number 3, is Self Care! That self care for me is sometimes simply making sure I drink enough water throughout my day and schedule a lunch for myself, sounds like such basic needs but is something I don't always do for myself.  

When I take good care of myself, the thoughts that I think, the energy I put out, and all else in my life goes in the way I'd like it to go, UP! Making life more calm, loving, and enjoyable!  

I would love to hear what helps you feel more positive, productive, and encouraged in your life.



Group Galleries and Intertwined Messages

We had such a wonderful time last night at a group gallery at 3rd Street Yoga in Edmond and thank you to everyone who came out.  In these group galleries everyone is given a ticket when they come in and I randomly draw their numbers from a bowl.  While I was relaying a message to a client that had been chosen, I in mid sentence, stopped and redirected the message to everyone asking if someone one was from Piedmont.  Now, this is something that I don’t ordinarily do, however I felt this huge draw to ask everyone present.  I knew this part of the information was not for this particular client.  Now, the skeptic in me likes to draw the numbers and go from there rather than randomly give the information and then try to place it.  A couple held up their hands, said yes, he had lived and even worked for the City of Piedmont.  This, I thought is where it ended, and I went right back to the original client who had been drawn.  Upon relaying the drawn clients messages it was a bit of a tug of war with the information, but we proceeded.  Steel Magnolias, a hair salon, the name Truvie, a hen house, and two woman chatting away on the other side immediately came through.  But the client was not connecting with the information.  We moved on and did in fact deliver more on point information for this client and went on our merry way.  At the end of the gallery, as everyone was chatting and making their way to the door the couple who had held up their hand saying that yes they were from Piedmont, wanted to validate some information for me.  His mother had passed and did own a salon, his wives favorite movie was Steel Magnolias, they did in fact have a hen house, and get this, with a chicken named Truvie!  How hilarious is that!  If only they had spoken up!  Many times in a group setting even attending you will receive messages, you will feel as though the information is for you, and I do encourage you, when it is as on point as this, yes, please speak up!  Again, what a beautiful and fun evening of messages it was!


Cortney's Crystal and Oil of the Month

I love, love, love crystals and oils and all things "hippy", and believe that you should too! Every month I am going to highlight a crystal and oil that I've been using with a bit of info about their healing properties! This months picks are the Amethyst, and Young Livings Lavender oil!

The Amethyst is known to promote peace, and balance with it's amazing meditative, and calming abilities that help support our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  The amethyst is especially great at helping when we need to have more patience, which completely makes since to me why I've been using it so much lately #toddler.  Now, in the psychic world the amethyst can enhance your psychic abilities in all areas and is a great stone for protecting yourself from outside energies.  

Simply wearing an amethyst mala, bracelet, or any other form of jewelry, keeping a small stone in your pocket or keeping the stone in the room or office you spend most of your time in, will absolutely help you in all of the many ways I mentioned above.  

Now, my pick of essential oil this month is the Young Living Lavender oil. Lavender promotes consciousness, health, love, peace and a general sense of well-being. It also nurtures creativity, which of course I love! I diffuse lavender during many of my meditations, and almost every evening, which helps us wind down.  

If you are interested in adding amethysts to your collection, Craigs Emporium in Oklahoma City has a great collection of crystals of all kinds.  As far as oils go I only use the Young Living oils because they are the only company that is seed to seal.  Which means you are getting the purest oils!  Get your essential oil kit here!  

Talk about the hurts even if it hurts

So crazy to think you’ve been gone 25 years as of yesterday.  I was 15 when you passed and I remember having a full day of babysitting that summer morning.  I shot up like an arrow out of bed asking dad, who I heard pacing in the hall way, what time it was.  He poked his head in my door and said “Cortney, your mom passed last night."  My first thoughts were, no, no way, he’s joking and then I clearly remember thinking, really Cortney he wouldn’t joke about that.  I jumped out of my bed and in to my dads arms where of course we just cried.  I asked where my twin sister was and he said she was still sleeping.  I ran down the hallway and woke her up with the news, of course we sobbed.  

My mom suffered from ALS for two years, yes, the cold water being dumped over your head Facebook challenge disease.  This is a very crippling disease and she was finally free, her body not in pain any longer.   

The hard part is this, we were raised to be strong kids, to suck it up, go to church and make it look nice on the outside while hurting on the inside.  I understood the logic being this loss, yes, she was in a better place no longer crippled with her disease, but I wasn't feeling anything.  We did have a few people ask us if we needed to go talk to someone or work through the loss with a counselor.  I said no, my sister said no but as an adult today wishing someone had said you know what, I hurt too and I’ll sit by your side and go with you.  This could have saved a few bad choices from being made and years wanting to numb the pain.  There are four of us girls and i’m sure we all can recount that morning as if it was yesterday but from our different perspectives with the stories all being a little bit different.

This isn’t a woe is me posting but a posting for other adults out there to help your children, family or friends to heal.  Talk about the hurts even if it hurts.  There is strength in this.  It is not weak to cry or to feel your feelings. 

I am so grateful to trust without a doubt that my mom is with me, with my sisters, and all of her grandchildren.  I am grateful that I see the signs and symbols when she is around.  One of my favorite memories was helping my mom move my oldest sister into college and into her first house.  I carried boxes and helped mom make food, load her fridge and just nurture her.  She would take her care packages when she was sick and I just thought this was the coolest thing.  This has been something I've missed.  Having that mom just walk through my home and do all the decorating, cooking, and nurturing stuff.  However, over the course of the last few weeks my eldest just moved into her new place and as I stood in her kitchen the other evening washing her dishes, I stared out the window and with such sweetness I realized hey “Cort, you are here in your daughters first apartment, which her father did a beautiful job remodeling, and nurturing and loving her."  This is what loosing my mom and many others in my life has given me, the gratefulness to not let the sweet little moments pass without recognizing them and cherish it all along the way.  Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.  Talk about the hurts, talk about the hard stuff, the good stuff and love, love, love them.  Thank you mom for showing me how to love my girls.

Love you mom ~ Cort

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Manifesting Patience for ourselves and others

Patience is our intention for the week and this morning before my sessions I am sitting down meditating with my candle and the image of our painting from last night.  When I think of Patience I actually start to think of the things that I struggle having patience with, for me this is the slow driver in front of me, the way my precious toddler fights me to put her clothes on every morning, and even the patience with myself to be able to breathe through my allergies while doing a Facebook live, lol!  Of course the image in the painting that came through was the number one, this telling us to take a moment and put ourselves first.  Rest, breathe, gather yourself together and then give to others.  If our well is empty there is nothing left to give.  The base color in the painting is the color pink reminding us to show love for ourselves and the gold number one is telling us that this is of our highest good.  Lets work on this and share with each other our journey this week and the weeks to come.  Remember to journal anything that pops up this week that tested your patience or that you found you had more patience with.  Again taking 5 minutes or even 60 minutes to sit pray, meditate and be, will help you manifest that patience in your life and add more positive energy to your day.  Please feel free to comment how you are doing and I can't wait to connect with you all next Sunday!  Love you guys!

Meditation, Mala Beads and Mantras


Lit a candle and cleansed my space before my meditation today and started to think about my special mala beads I use daily.  In my meditation I always have my beautiful Manaleja Designs Mala Beads by my side.  This particular design is called the Divine Light and is absolutley beautiful.

Mala beads can be used to help manifest and bring positive energy into your life by helping you focus on what your intention or mantra is.  When our minds drift from one thing to another it is helpful to repeat an intention, prayer or mantra over and over which is why I find the mantra a must in my meditation.  Many wear their mala beads on a daily basis to remind them to stay centered and on track.  When I use them in mediation I simply hold them in my hand and count each bead as I am setting my intention for my day.  Some will place them in their prayer or meditation space as a focal point that helps them stay centered.  

What is really cool about the Manalja beads is that she will hand select the healing stones and crystals that will help align and tune in with your true energy, making a one of a kind piece just for you.  Keep tuning into yourself and keep doing the work!

Cut Those Cords


We all have crummy days, don't we?  No matter how much work we do to separate from the negative energy it still seeps in.  The key is recognizing the signs and moving through it.  You hear me talk about the bubble, cutting cords, and so on and listen here, all of those techniques work!  However when we are feeling low we must move, we must take action.

I allow myself a day to process those feelings and to witness them within myself, to see what I need to do to take action and change it.  Get up and do the things in the moment that need to get done.  Put on that uplifting music.  Pray or meditate with the focal point being gratefulness.  Cut those cords and remember to establish that beautiful protective bubble around you.  Sage your self, your home or office.  You will find that this will lift your spirit and the many moments within your day.  This will allow you to be in the higher energy of creation which is where love exists.  Let's be in the energy of love.

What a Beautiful Gift

Had a session with a client last week who wanted to validate a few bits of information from his very first session.  His wife who had passed came through speaking about some stones / rocks that she had collected through the years and she wanted him to have one, but one in particular.  She went on to explain what this stone looked like and the shape of the stone, which I jotted down on the notes for him to take home.  He verified that she did in fact collect stones and that her sister had the stones.  On his second appointment we discussed new and old information that came through and he pulled this beautiful stone out of his pocket and reminded me about his first session.  He also said that on the paper I sent him home with was the shape of the stone and that he and his sister in law were in shock with how accurate the shape and size were.  They knew that this was the stone.  He now uses this stone as a reminder that she is with him but also as a “rubbing stone”, a stone that calms him throughout the day.  Once he got home from our session he sent me this picture of the stone along with the notes from the session.  What a beautiful gift from his loving wife.  xoxo

Journaling for Connection

Journaling is a great way to connect with our passed loved ones, and a tool to get your feelings, and those things that were never "said" out of our physical bodies.  Many times we hold on to guilt for not being able to say goodbye or that we never let our loved ones know how much they meant to us.  This journaling helps us release that guilt, and pain.  Our loved ones are aware of how we feel, and are constantly around us.  I suggest sharing your daily thoughts and recording the signs that your loved ones bring to you.  They come to us as the bird on your window seal that visits you every morning, a memory of good times, or the song that magicaly comes on as soon as you start to think of them.  When we no longer ignore the signs we open the door to an open connection to our loved ones.     



Vision boards, Classes, and Events Oh My!

Last weeks vision board class was so much fun!  We had a great turn out and so many of us shared our goals with each other.  Old friends were brought together and new friends were made.  Vision boards are such a wonderful way to see our hopes and dreams daily.  When we focus on those goals and put energy and action into them, those goals manifest more quickly.  We will have more of these vision board evenings soon along with psychic development classes.  

The Psychic Development I & II classes begin the week of February 17th.  Our first Psychic Development class was wonderful and each participant learned so much about their own energy, who their guides are and how to connect with them.  We have a few spots opened in both levels of classes and are currently filling those spots.  These classes help us gain a better grasp on what our abilities are, and a deeper knowing of our own energy!  I can’t wait to connect with you all in such a centered and grounded space.  Find out more about the classes and registration here!  

March is getting very busy and booked with events and paranormal conventions.  Stay posted on our latest events here on our events page and our social media sites!  2014 is shaping up to be a beautiful year!  XoXo Cortney

Connect with Spirit

We had another full weekend of sessions and I now feel like we have officially broken in the new office.  In each office I’ve had, I have spilled at least one venti coffee on the floor, and that finally happened this weekend!  Thank goodness this one had no carpet.  

This weekends sessions were moving and healing in their own way and not any two are ever the same.  With that being said, it is always very healing for me to witness the information that comes through for each of you.  The randomness of some of the information still amazes me!  Through my journey I have learned to trust the information I receive and because I trust that “random” information those sessions get better and better.  

What I am finding out is that so many of you have many natural abilities and are looking for a way to find out more about them.  I am a believer that we all have the ability to connect with spirit and it is up to us whether or not we want to build that ability or not.  Because of this I have put together a series of classes that will start to take place October 28th.  Details will be sent out soon so stay posted and keep checking back for updates!  

I want to thank all of you for coming out on Saturday and continuing to support all of my events!  You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you and your continued support!

A Sacred Space

A Sacred Space

Experience Empowerment

The Universal Law of Source

We define Source or God, as Universal Mind.  Universal Mind, in the form of energy is within everything.  Since we and everything else is made of energy, we are never alone.  Because our energy is living, our connection to Universal Mind is alive as well.  We have a built in connection to Universal Mind.  

Our Minds and Universal Mind are connected like twins to allow the energy of mind to live.  Like Universal Mind, we have a desire to love, to be free, to create and to expand toward fulfillment.  Together our energy and the energy of Universal Mind form each other's existence.  Together we observe each other, our ties to one another is a mirror image of what we are.  Universal Mind is humanity and all there is and we are energy in the form of mind.  Because energy cannot be destroyed, our connection with Universal Mind is immortal.  Our forever tie with Universal Mind cannot be severed.  Energy continually flows from Universal Mind to us.  Through our connection to one another, together we experience empowerment. 

Because we have the energy of Universal Mind flowing into us, we have the energy available to expand our talents, skills and abilities.  Through our constant connection, we can know more about Universal Mind through free expression and Universal Mind can know more about what it is through our form.  The shape of reality becomes clear.

The Universal Law of Source

The Universal Law of Source


Remember the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life?  Clarence, the Angel, could not earn his wings until George recognized how important his life was.  Take a deep breath.  Just imagine how it would be for your loved ones if you were not around.  What would it be like for your children?  What would it be like for your spouse or your friends?  How would your absence change their lives?   You are important!

Solution to The Universal Law of Source

Solution to The Universal Law of Source

Trust that Change Will Happen

The Universal Law of Creation

When we are in the flow, we allow the resources of energy to move through us to make what we see on the outside of us.  The vessels of universal law provide us with life force to use in the creation of our personal reality.  The law of creation allows the substance of our energy to be molded into reality.  Through the shape or our flows and blocks, energy is presented through our minds to manifest our daily life.

Our emotions can block us or free us in our creation.  It is our feelings which build or deplete our inner experiences and it is our beliefs which house our emotions.  When we begin to change our inner participation with energy through experience, we change our outer participation with the concrete world of energy.  Creative change occurs and we see something different. 

The Universal Law of Creation

The Universal Law of Creation


Take a deep breath.  We suggest you use your journal for this exercise.  This exercise may take one day or several to complete.  Focus inward on a problem that you feel needs healing.  Write down the problem.  Now, write down the mirrors outside of yourself that reflect your inner problem.  Perhaps you feel you need a new job.  One mirror may be problems with the new boss.  Perhaps you are continually upset over your grown son's behavior.  One mirror could possibly be conflicts with his wife.  What are the mirrors communicating to you about your inner energy?  What do you need to learn from the mirrors?  What do you need to heal?  What do you need to intentionally choose to make the change happen?  Place this choice and new found awareness into your knowing.  Trust that the change will happen.  Note down synchronistic experiences from the world around you that begin to relfect your inward shift.

Solution to The Universal Law of Creation

Solution to The Universal Law of Creation

Ackowledge Your Inner Authority and Divinity

When we own our power, when we validate our inner authority and truly accept our nature, we acknowledge our divinity.

We, through acknowledging our divinity, can claim our power to trust in life force, to trust in the divine act of creation.

Internal energy mirrors external energy.  Synchronicity is a moment by moment creation of internal energy.

Through the external mirrors life presents of our internal energy, we get to see clearly the reality of the energy inside of us.

When we make choices that help us grow, we not only help ourselves, we help those around us.


I acknowledge my inner authority and my divinity to help myself and others grow.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes, continue to breath and relax.  Now, go about your day as though you are in a meditative state.  Observe what you are thinking and experiencing. Is there a connection between your inner world and what you are witnessing outside of yourself?  What mirrors are you seeing? 


Countless Choices are Present

The Universal Law of Infinity

The main energy within Universal Mind is love.  Love continually expands and creates choice.  Since all is created through love, all is connected through love.  The law of infinity provides us with endless choice.

Because all is created through the primal energy of love, choices of energy already exist before you choose them.  Countless choices are already present.  All the energy ever made already is.  You, in order to have choices, must become aware that there are choices.  The choice is created through you.  You allow the choice to exist because you see the choice.  Because you have opened your mind to receive and see choices that already are, the choices can be expressed through you. 

The Universal Mind always has ideas for us to receive.  There is no end to our receiving. 


The Universal Law of Infinity

The Universal Law of Infinity


Take a deep breath.  Relax your body.  Imagine that you can call all the animals to come to you that live upon earth.  In your mind's eye, begin to form a line.  See yourself surrounded by millions of animals.  Now, imagine that you can become each animal.  Which one would it be first?  Perhaps you would become a bear?  Maybe you would become a wolf?  Imagine feeling as though you are a bear.  What would it feel like?  How large would you be?  How would you move?  Now, become the wolf.  How fast can you run?  How many others are with you?  Imagine what it would be like to be a rhino or an elephant.  If you ran out of choices to imagine becoming an animal from planet earth, could your mind develop more choices?  How would that happen?  Where would the ideas come from?  How many choices could you develop?

Solution to The Universal Law of Infinity

Solution to The Universal Law of Infinity

Operating in the Energy of Love

The Universal Law of Love

The easiest law to remember and practice each day is the law of love.  We can open our hearts and allow this emotion of love to be in our lives every moment of every day. The law of love gives us emotional focus and direction for our daily actions.  It allows us to understand that when we are operating in the energy of love, we are automatically aligned within the most primal energy of Universal Mind.  Universal Mind cannot exist without the energy of love.  Without the connective power of love, all of what we see in the universe would not materialize.  Love unites all things.

Love is the fundamental building block in all creation and the original energy within Universal Mind.  All things created were created from the energy of love.  Love opens and allows energy to flow.  It is the one emotional energy we can purposely use within our minds to open and broaden our perspective.  When we look at ourselves or someone else with love, we automatically suspend judgement.  We can see clearly what is, because we have accepted what exists. 

Love broadens and releases the flow of energy.  Love is creative and naturally manifests.  Love helps to create, because love opens the gates of ideas.  Love sets free our choices.  We can then act because we have choices. 


The Universal Law of Love

The Universal Law of Love

Solution to the Universal Law of Love

Do an experiment.  Take a deep breath.  You may want to journal this exercise.  Think of a person who has angered you.  Write now what you feel angry about.  Is what you wrote down about something someone did to you?  Or did not do?  Take another deep breath.  What happens that you personalize this situation.  Take a deep breath and imagine feeling a sense of great love for yourself.  Take another deep breath and imagine breathing in the energy of love and out the energy of love.  What else could be happening in this situation?  Are there other possibilities?  Continue to ask yourself what could be underneath the anger.  What happens to the energy inside of you?

Try this experiment on a daily basis.  Experimenting on a daily basis will begin to help you change your viewpoint of yourself and the world. 

Solution to The Universal Law of Love

Solution to The Universal Law of Love

Awesome Night

Just got home from a wonderful evening of sessions.  My sister was there to help support me in my work, and help man the booth while I conducted my sessions.    As I was driving home, with a massive smile on my face, I realized that the smile was from me feeling supported by her.  I have spent the last ten years away from family and living out of state, so having her there with me was such a sweet experience.  Once I got home, I remembered we had a set of young sisters who had a session with me.  In their session I spoke to them about remembering how to support your sister today and later when they are older.  So nice to remember to do the same for my sisters and how awesome it feels when they do it for us!  What a wonderful night!

Precious clients S & J!

Precious clients S & J!

Beautiful Homage to a Beloved Pet

I received a precious picture, and testimony from a dear client this week.  She has memorialized her beloved pet in a beautiful display, which includes the painting from her session!  What a great reminder that our pets are family members too.  They can and will continue to connect with us even after they've passed!   


I contacted Cortney this spring after the devastating loss of my dog.  Not only was I grieving, but my dog was showing me signs that she was still with me.  I called Cortney because I had no immediate plans to go to Oklahoma, nor did she have any plans to come to Phoenix, so we did the reading over the phone.  The things she told me were so profound and completely accurate!  She told me what to watch for and helped me to be more "AWARE" of the things going on in my world.  This has brought me so much happiness and I feel so much more at peace.  Thank you, Cortney for sharing your amazing gift!  Joy R, Phoenix, AZ  June, 2013

I contacted Cortney this spring after the devastating loss of my dog.  Not only was I grieving, but my dog was showing me signs that she was still with me.  I called Cortney because I had no immediate plans to go to Oklahoma, nor did she have any plans to come to Phoenix, so we did the reading over the phone.  The things she told me were so profound and completely accurate!  She told me what to watch for and helped me to be more "AWARE" of the things going on in my world.  This has brought me so much happiness and I feel so much more at peace.  Thank you, Cortney for sharing your amazing gift!

Joy R, Phoenix, AZ

June, 2013

Empower Yourself

The Universal Law of Variety

Energy can take a broad range of forms.  The varieties can be as many styles of car handles as you can think of to fit as many styles of cars as you can imagine.  The place you live in, whether it is an apartment or a house is one of several thousand, or perhaps millions of styles.  There are several millions of varieties of insects, several species of animals and plants.  The forms that energy can take appear infinite.  The law of variety guarantees the presence of choice.  

You can empower yourself to see the variety of choices in your life.

The Universal Law of Variety

The Universal Law of Variety


You may want to grab your journal for this exercise.  Take a deep breath.  Focus on a pattern that reoccurs in your life.  It could be a recurring problem with your mother.  Perhaps you quit job after job without satisfaction.  Again, you find yourself in the same old conflict with a coworker.  Write down the pattern.  Notice where the pattern occurs, what emotions it brings up, what happens before the pattern starts up.  Write down your answers.  Think back to your past.  Are there any similarities in your pattern and events in your past?  Write down the similarities.  Now, write down the changes you need to make to help yourself heal the pattern.  These changes are in your control.  Perhaps you need to become less defensive when your mother criticizes you and begin to not buy into her comments about your child rearing.  Maybe you need to stand up to your interfering coworker and let them know you do not appreciate their behavior.  Perhaps you need to begin to believe that you are smart enough to further your education and to get the job you do want.  What steps do you need to go through to help yourself make the changes?  Write those down as well.  You are now blocking the old energy from forming.  Now, when do you begin?

Solution to The Universal Law of Variety

Solution to The Universal Law of Variety