A bit about me

I am a third-generation psychic, and I recognized my abilities at a very young age. After losing several loved ones, including both my parents, my abilities were intensified. So, I meditated for years, I began painting the visions and messages I received from my guides, translating energy onto canvas using acrylics and my fingers as brushes. I now have over 13 years of experience as an energy artist, intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and psychic medium. I am also a published artist, published author, and event speaker. As well, I've developed a web app that you can download by clicking here.

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How can an energy painting help me?

When you ask me your most important questions, I receive messages from guides and am able to look at your energy - the energy that is the real you. Oftentimes, this energy is blocked, disconnecting you from your true self and God/Source. So, I use the symbols I channel to help you look inward, healing your deepest experiences and thus removing these blocks. When blocks are removed, you connect to your true self and God. Energy flows freely from Source to who you truly are and then outward. Positive change is observed as you are provided a direction for moving forward in life.

Similarly, I have the ability to connect with passed loved ones and bring forth messages and symbols from the other side to you. This is one of my favorite things to do for my clients, as I believe that it is so important to know that we are still connected to our loved ones and can still communicate with them.

By asking you will be answered with clear and specific guidance, both aurally and visually. Meditating on both the words and energy painting I give you can be helpful for days beyond the minutes we spend in session. Learn more about energy paintings, or book your own session now!

Using Your Paintings and Messages

First, read your message in a quiet place. Close your eyes and contemplate the images and the messages within the painting. You may see the images in your daily life. Each time you meditate upon your painting, you will interpret or receive the information a little differently. Allow the information to penetrate your conscious and subconscious mind. The information you are receiving is being brought up from your unconscious mind. Your guides will begin to speak to you through this message. 

Next, place the painting in your meditation area or a place of honor - perhaps you have an altar where it can reside. You want the painting to be in a place where you will see it on a daily basis. This is a signal to your guides that you take your work seriously. When you meditate, incorporate your painting into your meditation practice as a visualization tool. This will help with self-awareness.

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You can also email me your most important question that requires a guided response. Each question costs just $25, and I will respond with a channeled message within 48 hours. Click here to ask your question.